Research Inspired: The Journey of Research Students and Academics - Dr. Mariam Aisha Fatima
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Title: Research Inspired - The Journey of Research Students and Academics 1st Edition

Author: Mariam Aisha Fatima

Date of first paperback print: 20 March 2023

ISBN: 978-629-98070-0-1

Number of pages: 160

Genre: Research Methods

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Research Inspired was created in dedication to all students and early career academics, by facilitating self-directed and reflective learning in selected research ecosystems until their graduation.This book is authored by Dr. Mariam, a consultant and managing editor at emmaihsan.com. She has over a decade of experience as an academic and researcher working with various research groups in Malaysia and the UK and 5 years in research management.


Key benefits:
1. Highlights seven key points of research in every chapter.
2. Suitable for students, researchers, managers, and administrators.
3. Easy read improvement plans and actionable goals for the final-year students undertaking the research project.
4. Continuous development for postgraduate studies into early career academia.
5. Stages and processes of selected research ecosystems are explained.
6. It relates to the reader through a reflective query on research competency requirements.
7. All topics were tested for practicality and outcome.


This book is for:
1. Undergraduate research students
2. Postgraduate research students
3. Early career academics at Universities
4. Research managers and administrators
5. Final year post SPM or STPM/O-Level students