Doctor in the Dock - Dr. Ariza Mohamed
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DR. ARIZA MOHAMED is currently an Associate Professor with UniKL- RCMP in Ipoh. She teaches medical students. One of the topics she taught was on pre-term labour. She graduated as a specialist in 1997. She worked as a consultant specialist in several hospitals before joining the university.

She led a fairly quiet life until she was summoned in 2018 by her patient 15 years before for severe prematurity which had unfortunately ended as cerebral palsy. She had to endure a trial which spans over 4 years and finally concluded in 2022. She was found to be liable for medical negligence and was ordered to pay damages amounting to RM8.9 million - which was the highest damages ever awarded at the time of writing.

This book is about the court proceedings, about the trials and tribulations she had to undergo, what she had learned from it and how it had affected her. She wishes to share her story to other doctors or would be doctors, lawyers, would be lawyers and also the public.