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PRISON TO PALACE, PM FOR ALL, is the story of Anwar Ibrahim's turbulent, moving, bold and leadership voyage from a village boy to Prime Minister. 

The chapters weave through the intricacies of political challenges, repression and injustice, and trials and tribulations to achieve his childhood dream of being Malaysia's leader. It traces his fall and rise from the darkness of prison walls, ten years, and the inhumane treatment he experienced. He turned the adversity of sleeping on the cement into opportunity through brilliant, wiser, thoughtful, decisive, and more innovative thinking and reading in solitary confinement. Despite all the odds he faced in Prison, he reflected positively upon life. Today, he has returned to reset and refresh Malaysia towards unity, peace and harmony.

The book comprises Malaysian narratives and articles that best describe Anwar through the inner stirrings of Malaysian writers and journalists. The book showcases penetrating insights into the events leading to the iconic moment of Anwar's crowning glory. It portrays stories of hurt and healing, abuse and forgiveness, gloom and glory, and tears and triumph. GE15 held on 19th November 2022, was a momentous day. It heralded a new economic, social and political landscape under Anwar's leadership. Anwar is firm in charting the future for Malaysians through his compromise, compassion, and moderation style to promote unity in diversity.

Authored by veteran journalist and adjunct professor M. Krishnamoorthy, the book traces our beloved PM's fall and rise over the past 2 decades from being in the darkness of prison walls for 10 years to leading Malaysia toward unity, peace, and harmony.


He had and still has a solitary vision: to create a better future for ALL Malaysians. 


“I am awed by Krishna's energy to write prolifically. I cannot fathom how Krishna wrote this book within a month. Anwar is a man whose promises and delivery will make him a great leader. It is his commitment to serving a multiracial and multi-religious society that will make him Malaysia's dream leader.”

Datuk Seri Azman Ujang, former Chairman of Bernama, Malaysia’s national news agency.


Enjoy reading about the arduous yet successful journey of Anwar Ibrahim.